I could not keep it to myself anymore. I drove all the way to Dad’s office and confessed to him I was in love with a young lady.

He asked for her name and description. He kept smiling. We prayed together and trusted God for His leading. Dad did not say a word. 

Two days after my wife said “Yes” to my proposal, I told both Dad and Mum as a birthday gift for him. He smiled again. 

It was Mum who burst the bubble. Mum smiled and said, “Months earlier when your father went to preach in the Corpers Fellowship, he saw her and the Holy Spirit told him, “Eyi ki a n se iyawo omo re bi?” (Isn’t she the wife of your son?). I was the only unmarried son. He kept his fingers crossed till I told him. Yet he did not utter a word but he knew already.

I want to talk to men: You MUST be the priest of your home. Nothing must happen without your knowledge. If your wife is the one waking you up for family devotion and setting the pace, something is wrong with you! 

As a priest, there are three things you can not joke with; sanctification, sacrifices and service. As a priest, you can not just be getting ready, you must be living ready. A priest offers both gifts and sacrifices: 

For every high priest is appointed to offer both gifts and sacrifices; so it is essential for this One also to have something to offer.

Hebrews 8:3 AMP

It is good to spoil your wife and children with gifts but where are the sacrifices of your sleep so you can get on your knees; of your time so you can teach your children the word and of your fun so you can spend quality time with them once in a while? 

You must have charted the course of your children in prayer. Call them by name in prayer and prophecy over them. Bless your wife daily. Lay your hands on her before you step out. 

What makes a man is far beyond finance and romance- you must be a man of prayer! Nothing must happen in your home until you permit it (not by stubborn conduct but by prayers).

Please, serve your family. A steward is required to be faithful. You are a trustee and you will be held responsible for how you treated your wife and your children. Are you abusing them or serving them genuinely? 

Brother, if you are unmarried now and you are not learning to pray, you are living like a spiritual gambler saying “what will be will be”; you better wake up, and smell the coffee. Stop sleeping like a log of wood. Wake up at night. Blast in tongues by the Spirit. Take on the Word and confess it. Do not leave your future home to chance. Marriage is not a ludo game. 

Fathers and fathers-to-be, take your place. Build finance. Learn Romance but Exercise your Spirit and take your place!

There is love in sharing


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