In the middle of the marital crisis, the wife was asked, “There must be someone that can hold your husband accountable. Call the person and inform him about what is going on”. The response of the wife was, “There is no one at all”.

With a shock, “He must at least have a father in the faith or a mentor”. Then the wife said a more shocking statement, “He does not believe in it. He believes everyone has their own weaknesses and challenges to face also. Why then go to any man?”

Beloved, a man that has no one that can hold him accountable for his actions is not a man to follow into marriage. When he begins to show signs of spiritual slack, is there anyone in his journey who can nudge him back on or you just have to keep quiet and trust that something will change?

An unspiritual spouse is an invitation to trouble. You must not just enjoy seeing your spouse do carnal things. You must enjoy seeing them pray also. You must enjoy seeing them study. You must nudge them into greater things.

Even if he is a pastor, he must be one that is accountable. Do not let anyone use spiritual gifts to hoodwink you when they have a huge deficit in the fruits of the Spirit. You don’t know a great husband by their gift but by their fruit. One of such is the humility to receive correction from another.

Dear husband, you cannot be a governor that is not governed. You cannot be a bridegroom that is not being groomed. You cannot be a husband that has no place of pruning.

In your marriage, can your wife mention that “_ will call you tomorrow because I explained to him that you have not been spending time praying and studying of late” and you will shiver a little?

As a husband, you are on a mountain cliff. You must set rail guards around yourself. If this accountability structure is lacking, a slight push and you are off the cliff.

So dear husband, kindly reduce the pressure on your wife. Kindly reduce the burden on her. Is there a Nathan in your life that can wake you when you sleep on the steering wheel of destiny?

There is love in sharing