In my second year at the university, I took a cab from Ibadan to Ile-Ife. Cabs are comfortable. I slept off somewhere along the way. I woke up just as we got to the campus gate.

As the car parked and I noticed we were at the gate, I was excited. I got out of the cab, picked my bag and crossed to the other side. It was that moment that it struck me: I had my phone with me. It slipped off while I slept.

I hailed a bike and went after the cab. I got the driver but the phone was no longer in the car. The driver said, “I suspected that boy beside you. He must have taken it after you got down”. I slept off my phone.

From the beginning to the end of a journey, one thing you must always pray for is sensitivity. When a man loses awareness of destiny, he begins to lose things in life.

You must pray for Scriptural Awareness. It is the ability to locate your season by and in the Word of the Lord. Just one service and Jesus was given the book of Isaiah to read. He could locate his season in the book. He said to them “Today this scripture is fulfilled in your sight”. (Luke 4:21)

You must pray for Spirit Awareness. It is the ability to know when the Spirit has moved and to align with it. Words and actions that align to the move of the Spirit produce a greater impact. This is the blessing that David had. When you have this, one stone can bring down screaming giants. Apostle Paul did not joke with this also. Execution is effective when the Spirit of the Lord is leading.

You must have Season Awareness. It takes a combination of the Word and the Spirit to come into the awareness of seasons. One of the questions that you must keep asking yourself is “Is this the time…?” (2 Kings 5:26)

Do not forget: When a man loses awareness of destiny, he begins to lose things in life. Ministries, marriages, businesses, relationships will suffer when awareness is lost. The lost son was not just lost because he strayed from home, he was lost because his awareness was also dead. His miracle began when awareness was restored “When He came back to his senses” (Luke 15:17)

Would you pray? Lord, on this journey, let my awareness of your Word, your Spirit and my Season be sharp. Give light to my eyes. May I not sleep off in destiny. Amen.

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