I woke up one morning to a message from someone that he was led to give to the ministry. When he eventually sent the seed, it was timely and it was quite heavy for the season we were in. What a joy it was.

Then I made a mistake: Some months afterwards, we needed to get something done. I sent the person a message. I am sure the Holy Spirit must have smiled at me. Well! The person eventually gave a token. I am sure he did it simply because he did not want me to feel bad. I got the memo from the “Resources Deployment Department” of Heaven: Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not upon your own understanding or on man. Look to God and not man.

If you are in ministry or you are a believer building your walk of faith this season, take note of this: one of the mistakes you will make if you are not careful is to turn a giver that the Lord himself touched into a sponsor. Be careful.

If God touches a man to meet your needs miraculously in a season of life or ministry, never take your eyes off the Lord to the man. If you do, you would not be focused on God and you would still get nothing from man.

If you trust the Lord, when He shows up, He comes big. But if you go about relying on human props and soliciting, you will be treated as a beggar. You will get tokens. Do not start mounting pressure on someone who sensed the Lord would have him or her give to you. Now, you bombard them with every need you have. Two things will happen: First, they will likely get irritated. Second, you would have lost the opportunity to build your faith by trusting the Lord.

This is the time to stop calculating. Stop all those mathematical gymnastics like, “If 50 people give us 10,000 naira, the work is done”. That is how marketers with deadlines to meet think. You are not a marketer. You are a minister. Look to the one who called. You are God’s child, lean on your Father. You are not an orphan.

The waiting season builds our faith and strengthens our character. For God, it is not just about what you receive, it is more about how much of Christ-likeness you caught in the process:

While waiting, were you grateful or grumpy?

While trusting, were you content, or were you comparing? Did you become calculative or did you still trust the leading of the Lord? Did you become manipulative or you maintained a heart of integrity?

The only time asking is permitted is when you are sure you are instructed to. God told the Israelites to ask the Egyptians. They left with wealth. Jesus told the disciples to get the colt. If it is not instructed, do not start doing guesswork.

If you continue, your phone list will soon be full of people you are asked for “urgent 2k” and you will not be sure of who to ask again. That is not how to build your faith and walk with the Lord.

When you are in faith, pressure dies!

temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa.

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