Dad played a lot with us while growing up. One of our regular games was ‘playful’ boxing. We still do some of these things. Dad would lift up his hand as though he was aiming for your side. While you try to protect your side, his hands are already landing somewhere on your head. We kept defending the wrong spot.

That is exactly how the devil operates also- he distracts you while he goes for the real kill. He steals your attention, then he aims for the treasure.

Do you remember the parable of the wheat and tares? The wheat was planted. The planters went to sleep. While they slept, the enemy came and sowed tares. Did you notice that the enemy did not uproot the wheat? He only infiltrated the field.

The devil does not begin to steal by taking away. No! He begins by adding something different to your field. He does not steal your job to take your children. He keeps you so busy that you have no time for spiritual values- no time to pray for or with your children. Family devotion breaks down. Church time suffers a blow. Do not let us mention mid-week meetings.

Do not protect what the devil is not after. You spend so much to protect material things but you give little attention to spiritual things. The devil wanted to hand over the material world to Jesus if only Jesus would “bow and worship”.

You have built high fences around your house but have you built faith walls around your home?

You take care of your car at the slightest unusual sound but your soul has been giving cracking sounds that you have ignored for months.

Are you protecting the wrong things?

May the enemy not outsmart you!

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