“Temi, you can settle in Ibadan. Practise Law and then visit Eruwa maybe once a month for the work of ministry. When the Ministry becomes big enough, you can then move to Eruwa”.

Those were the words of those who genuinely care about me. They had questions about how I was going to survive. But I knew God was saying something else.

Beloved, the call of God would demand your all. Every time there is a call, it will always involve a shift. You cannot respond to the divine call and still maintain the same path.

Look at Moses: Then Moses said, “I will now turn aside and see this great sight, why the bush does not burn.”
Exodus 3:3 NKJV

Once Moses turned aside, more instructions began to drop about what the Lord will have him do.

You cannot follow God’s call on your own terms. The wise men started out following the star. When they entered Herod’s Palace, they ceased to see the star. When the stepped out of Herod’s Palace, the star was waiting to lead them again.

If you want to do it by your head, you will miss out in the signals that will come to your spirit.

There is nothing God calls you to that will be done or can be done half-heartedly. Your whole heart must be in it. His assignment must become your meat. Doing His will must become your motivation.

If you do not trust the one who called, you will hinder the fulfilment of the call. You will not take instructions wholeheartedly. You will keep holding back.

When it comes to God’s call, let your obedience be complete. Put all your eggs in God’s basket. It cannot crack. If it cracks, it is because a new life is about to emerge.

The call takes trust and whole hearted commitment.

Do you trust the Lord who called?

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