I was feasting on a plate of beans and plantain. Olive was fiddling with her toy guitar. She wanted to get on the chair and have access to what I was eating.

She tried climbing with her guitar but it was hard. My daughter made a great choice- she dropped her toy and climbed the chair. She reached out to my plate requesting for her portion of the meal. She ate what I was eating.

Just that moment, the Lord said to me, “Son, anyone that will come higher must always be ready to leave toys behind and if you will eat what those who have gone ahead of you are eating, you must be willing to pay a major price”.

Growth comes with a price. There are things you must leave behind. You cannot be reaching for toys and climbing higher in the things of God. You cannot value toys and value God. You will make choices.

The path of growth is constructed in such a way that you cannot grab unto frivolities and still climb. One of the questions I love asking is “What price will you pay for growth?”

If you will eat what Fathers eat, you will end up sitting where they sit.

You love social media more than prayer hour and you want to sound like men who walk the corridors of intercession all night.

You are lost in movies and you want to take strides of men who are lost in His will. Your heart is tied to Sodom and you want the heart of men who are sold out to God and does not argue even when Isaac has to be placed on the altar.

Growth plans are like diet plans- there are things you cannot eat. There are times you cannot eat. Growth is structured. It will deal with that clumsiness that you call a plan.

What toys do you have to drop?

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