1. As they stepped in, the beautiful young girl with a lovely phone in her hands, went ahead swinging to the music. She went straight to put on the TV. Listening to her, I knew quite a work had to be done.
  2. I met a friend who had a 3-year-old daughter. Her daughter recites a bible verse every week. While we sat, she had recited it about five times. She was not comfortable with what was playing on the television- it was not good for her child.
  3. I sat in a workshop where someone asked, “If a Pastor’s daughter gets pregnant, what should he do?” And someone sitting beside me said, “The Pastor has failed”. I almost wept. He failed as a Parent maybe but did he fail as a Pastor?

Beloved, children are like arrows in the quiver of a mighty man. Arrows are removed from the quiver into the bow, stretched and released to hit a predetermined goal.

No child will become godly suddenly. No child will live purposefully by default. Every parent must be intentional in putting the child in the bow of divine mandate, stretching the child through the intentional teaching of the Word, prayer and shaping of character and releasing the child to become who God wants him or her to be.

The world is intentional about getting the souls of kids (just check our music and attend a child’s birthday party) but the “mighty men” are leaving their arrows in the quiver for the enemy to use.

No more memory verses. No more family devotions. More food in the lunch box but less nourishment in the hearts of kids. Children are full of cartoons but emptied of kingdom values.

Why should mighty men be sleeping? Your children are meant to be raised as kingdom ambassadors.

Wake up. Sleeping parents will most likely raise dead children.

This is a battle for souls.

Wake up!

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