He was in the office of a senior colleague when another colleague came in casually and announced that he was relocating. There was a prompt in his heart to ask whether he had plans to sell his car.

He explained it off. He did not want to look like an opportunist. But the prompt did not leave. He summoned courage and asked politely. Long story short, he got a good car. The only question asked was, ‘How much would you love to pay?’ The owner added, “I will be glad if you are the one who use the car”.

Beloved, let your faith leap this season. A prompt from the Lord is all you need to go ask for the donkey that is tied down. It may not make sense but don’t allow the pressure of making sense deny you the miracles that the Spirit of God can supply

The things of the Spirit will always take faith. If the Spirit prompts you then there is faith for it already. Why do you need faith? God will rarely ask you to do what is naturally convenient for you. His prompts will need a leap and even your heart will be skipping.

We are in seasons of bold asking. We are in a season of sensitive spiritual alignments. You must not be dull of hearing and you must not be afraid of making bold moves.

In the name of Jesus, your opportunities will not pass you by. This season, faith rises in your heart. By the mercies of God, you make quantum leaps.

Glory to God.

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