I came into ministry with a lot of energy. I felt I was so gifted that it would be no big deal preaching. At least, I am gifted with words. I felt my words would be so sweet that it would not take long for men to be drawn toward the work. 

Even though I cried while packing my wig and gown, it was not because I felt I would need the help of God. It was more because of the pain of not being able to pursue the legal profession. I counted it a sacrifice and I could even remind God of how huge a sacrifice I am making for the kingdom. I did not see it as a privilege to be called and used by the Lord. 

Just a few weeks into settling into the call, I knew that my gifts were not the ultimate. I knew that my training was not the automatic password to success in ministry. One song was always on repeat as I prayed, “My helper. My Helper”. I would cry as I asked the Lord for help. 

Friends, if God ever calls you to do a thing, just settle it fast that you can never do it successfully without his help. You have to recognize your insufficiency. Even if you are rich, your wealth can never be enough for what God has called you to do. 

Someone said that “If the vision of God for your life is not intimidating to you, most likely it is insulting to God”. God’s assignment for you will be bigger than what your human capacity can handle. Moses was a gifted speaker. He was mighty in speech 

Moses was taught all the wisdom of the Egyptians, and he was powerful in both speech and action. 

Acts of the Apostles 7:22 NLT 

But when Moses saw the weight of the call, he reminded God that he was a stammerer. Moses knew that his gift was not enough to execute the call of God. He needed divine help. 

A father in the faith said he cried as he was being ordained and commissioned into ministry. Right after the ordination, he ran into the bush and went to pray to ask God, “Lord, how would I get a message to preach for one year? Lord, I am not sure I know how to do this”. God kept saying to him, “My son, I will help you”. 

Today, he has seen the help of God and he still maintains that posture of absolute dependence on the Lord. God has preached great sermons through him, written books through him, raised thousands of ministers through him, and built a global influence out of him. It did not start with a gifted man but a broken man.

Finally, always note that God is not looking for brilliant men. He is looking for broken men. Your brilliance is great, but it is nothing compared to your brokenness. A broken vessel will do more for the Lord than a brilliant vessel. 

Calm down. Strong muscles cannot build strong work for the Lord. Only the help of God can do it. Cry for His help to love your spouse, raise your children and impact your world. 

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