Irewamiri was working in the kitchen. I stepped in and found a small pot on the fire. The heat already dried the pot. I assumed she wanted to boil something. Since I was about to carry a kettle of hot water, it struck me that I could pour some into the pot. I only wanted to be of help. 

But it occurred to me to ask her if I should pour some water into the small pot. She responded in the negative. She said it was oil she wanted to pour inside. I would have thought I was helping her until I actually asked her. 

In your walk with God especially if you are called, you must confirm if you are just doing what you love or if you are doing what has been instructed. Acting in love without confirming instructions can result in undesired outcomes. 

Moses at age 40 would love to save the Israelites from the bondage of Egypt and he kept at it with youthful zeal. In divine direction, it is not just about being driven by needs you see, it is about being instructed to do it. 

David was not comfortable that the ark of God was sitting in a tent. He expressed a desire to build a temple. He even told the prophet of the Lord who commended the move. If he had built it, he would have been celebrated. But God sent the prophet Nathan back to him that it was the next king, his son, who would build the temple. God appreciated the intention and blessed it but he halted the execution. 

There are times doing things out of sincere concern can be disastrous. Uzzah supported the stumbling ark and he did not live to tell the story. 

God told a minister of the gospel to stop giving a particular minister seed support. He was surprised and asked the Lord why. God told him that he was sponsoring the minister’s disobedience and every time that seed comes, the minister sees it as though God is with him and as a confirmation. 

A father in the faith was already ordained to start work in a particular city. When he went to give thanks to God after his ordination in preparation to go to the city. God asked him, “When did I tell you about this city?” He was surprised he could not trace it. God told him that years back as a young man, he had built a desire to live in that city. It was not as God instructed. 

In this kingdom, we soar and fly by instructions. We stay connected to God’s watch tower. Do not take off without clearance. Passion is not enough. Love is not enough. Instructions are essential. 

Have you been instructed to do it? Do not wait for the donkey to speak. Obey God now. 

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