Every day Danielle wakes up, she strolls into the living room to greet her mum and I. She goes on her knees and says “Good morning sir” and “Good morning ma”.

When she returns from school and steps into my office, she would still say “Good morning sir”. We began to tell her that it should be “Good afternoon”. Now she mixes up the two. She can greet you “Good morning” in the afternoon and “Good Afternoon” in the morning.

One of the attributes of babyhood and childhood is the mixing up of seasons. A baby does not understand seasons. For them, all seasons are the same.

Paul, as a mature believer, was talking about seasons and the secret of how to live through them. He said: “I know how to get along and live humbly [in difficult times], and I also know how to enjoy abundance and live in prosperity. In any and every circumstance I have learned the secret [of facing life], whether well-fed or going hungry, whether having an abundance or being in need.” PHILIPPIANS 4:12 AMP

There will be difficult times. Paul said you must know how to be humble at such times. Do not try to buy party clothes to please a friend. Do not bind a demon when you are meant to adjust your lifestyle.

There will be seasons of abundance and prosperity. You must know how to handle that season also. That was Joseph’s warning to Egypt. In the seven years of abundance, they prepared for the seven years of famine. They survived famine because they mastered abundance.

There are many who can talk about seasons when there was an overflow- you bought things you ended up realising you did not need. Now in tough seasons, you look at those things and feel so stupid.

Some have that idea of “every day is a party”. Back in school as students, we have “the week of pride” (ose igberaga). We just got our monthly allowance. We patronise eateries and spend like kings. Then comes the season when you begin to calculate how you can trek long distances to save some money for food. We were babies.

Children mix up seasons. Every parent must teach the child about seasons. Men who understand seasons always stand out in life.

Couples must master seasons. There are people who left relationships that look like wilderness without knowing that it was quarter to raining and the blossoming of flowers. They look back now with regrets.

Teachers must know when their students have become their friends. Jesus told the disciples that “I no longer call you servants but friends”. Know when the season has changed.

Some mothers still want to hold on to their sons after their marriage. They still see that small boy that should be talked to and if possible, decisions must be made on his behalf. Mummy, give him motherly space. Let their home breathe. Seasons have changed.

One of the things you must ask God for in life is the grace to understand seasons. When you do, you will not be binding a demon when you are meant to adjust your lifestyle. There are prayer points today that are obvious consequences of lack of wisdom. Can you imagine Joseph leading a 7 days dry fast to turn around the famine of Egypt?

Wisdom has its place in the scheme of things. Prayer is definitely important. But when we live wisely, our prayer will be more about God’s plans and purposes than it will be about our personal needs.

We will know that “Let your kingdom come and let your will be done” comes before “Give us this day our daily bread”. Purpose will come before provision. Master seasons.

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