We were visiting with “Egbon” (an elder brother in the faith and his wife) who are dear teachers to us. We had desired to go for a long while but eventually, we pushed and it happened. We had enough time to ask questions and discuss different issues. 

One of the days, he began to share experiences from their journey in ministry and marriage. As he shared, it seem as though someone had told him about the issues we were trying hard to resolve for almost a year. Light was all over my mind and sincerely, the room was so full of God’s wisdom. I was saying “Ah”.

At a point, I burst out saying “Lord, Thank you”. Like a flash, I prostrated before him. I was so full of gratitude. We returned from that visit and everything changed. I mean, everything changed- fresh life was unlocked in our marriage and ministry. 

There are struggling marriages, ministries, and businesses that only need to take a visit to another brother to ask and seek counsel. There are things fathers give. There are things brothers can also give. 

*If you feel too big, you will claim you are learning from a father but you keep despising your brothers. If you have someone who has learned from your mentor or trainer or your father, be humble enough to draw close to them and ask to be taught.*

At least, as secondary school students or undergraduate, there are times that the explanation of the teacher or lecturer seem complex, what do you do? You find a senior student who understands the concept to break it down for you. If you do not get it in the classroom of life, and you fail to ask those who have gone ahead, questions of life will look like puzzles. You will struggle to make sense of it. 

Some are failing in life, marriage, career, and ministry, and in pride, they are refusing to ask those who have gone ahead for help. When they even seek help, they are seeking it from those who will still flatter them. Your journey will take time. 

Honour and follow fathers but never despise brothers. Do not think you are all at the same level. Do not just get your contact list full of brothers that all you do is say “Hi” to while you feel big. Calm down. Be humble. 

Growth and increase are not just about prayer points. It is about humility to learn. Look at this: 

And though you started with little, you will end with much. “Just ask the previous generation. Pay attention to the experience of our ancestors. For we were born but yesterday and know nothing. Our days on earth are as fleeting as a shadow. But those who came before us will teach you. They will teach you the wisdom of old.

Job 8:7‭-‬10 NLT

Just ask the previous generation. 

Pay attention to the experience of ancestors. 

*Those who came before us will teach you*

*They will teach you the wisdom of old*

Please, we all can be great if we all can be humble enough to learn. 

temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa.

There is love in sharing

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