As a young boy, when rice and stew is served and never forgetting the meat, I had a strategic way of eating it.

I will begin to eat from the sides- the white rice alone ensuring that the stew on top of the mountain is not touched.

After circling and eating out the unmixed rice, I then stir the portion that has the stew on it- what a delight!

And then I never get to touch the meat until after the meal (did you ever get knocks for eating the meat first?)

And no matter how full I was, the meat would still be consumed- There is always space for the meat!

I honestly think that my prayer walk as I grow must be like that- my best must never be in my past. It must keep getting sweeter and better!

Moses was content dwelling in the tents of Jethro until he had the burning bush encounter with God. He knew he had to move!

The vessels in the home of the widow was not set aside until it becomes full. And as long as there was still space for more, the oil did not stop flowing.

Your best must never be in your history.

The way God introduced Saul (who became Paul) to Ananias is amazing:

“Go over to Straight Street, to the house of Judas. When you get there, ask for a man from Tarsus named Saul. HE IS PRAYING TO ME RIGHT NOW”

(If God says you are praying, then you are praying)

That was how Paul started his Christian walk. He started on his
knees. And that passion did not wane a bit.

He told the Church in Corinth later on that, “I pray…more than you all”. Wow!

If your best prayer time is in your history- wake up Soldier. Wake up! If all you say is, “When we were on Campus, we prayed”- wake up soldier of Christ. Wake up!

The path of the righteous is like a shining light- that includes the path to your prayer closet. You must tread on it so often that the grasses and weeds of laziness do not have a place.

The weeds did not say it will not sprout, it is the constant pressure of the feet on it that prevents it from growing.

Is it not strange that it is only while men slept that the enemy came? Weeds cannot grow where feet constantly tread.

Paul till the end of his days prayed. He prayed till he caught insight of things that he said he could not even share with us!

The strength of prayer is not first in the length but in its consistence.

Prayer keeps us on the track of righteousness. A life of prayer will keep you away from sin. A lifestyle of sin will keep you away from prayer.

Your best moments in God must never be in your past. There are still mountains to conquer. There are frontiers to expand.

Pray! Soldier!! Pray!!!

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