While carrying my baby, my spiritual father looked at her and said, “Your father does not sleep”. I had a good smile because he taught me how to stay awake in prayer.

While you are still rolling in bed, dear fathers with busier schedules who slept later than you did are already on a prayer walk- they are sold out and committed to it!

Friends, if there was someone who had no need to pray at all, that would have been Jesus. Why should Jesus pray? If you were Jesus, would you even pray?

But Jesus prayed!

He woke up long before dawn. He found a solitary place and prayed. That sounds like, “Dont wake up and stay on the bed saying you are praying. Walk away from your bed”.

Have you ever woken up to pray while you lay on the bed? You will say “Lord we thank you” by 3am and doze off. By 5.30am, you will say “In Jesus Name”. You would not know you have slept for hours.

If you set an alarm, take it far away from the bed where you will be forced to walk a mile to get to them. You know if it is by your bed, you will simply knock it out!

A friend said once he brushes his teeth, he becomes alert! Another person makes sure his feet hits the floor with a loud voice of thanksgiving and sleep disappears.

What works for you?

Sleep is needed. But it must not become an enemy of fellowship amd devotion.

Make sure you do not wake up and check on social media- you will likely end up not praying yet not sleeping.

Jesus prayed all day. Jesus prayed all night. Jesus prayed before making crucial decision.

Jesus prayed at night before he called and chose disciples in the morning. Invest the night in knowing what you will call in the morning.

Shake out the evil in the day before the day begins at all. Pronounce what you want to see.

Finally, dear parents, your children have seen you watch movies. They have seen you press phones. They have seen you eat good meals.

Can you let them see you at the table reading the Word of God? Have they ever woken up at night to hear your sound of worship and intercession?

If you want praying children, let them see you pray. If you want children who love God and His word, let them see you study.

Do not let them think that prayer and studying is what you do at your convenient time. Teach them that this is covenant.

And covenants must be honoured whether it is convenient or not!

This is not about your convenience. This is about covenant!

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