The emotions were there. Like every lover, I wanted to talk to my babe first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Asides the fact that we at times get to have late night calls during the days of free call.

No matter how tired I was, I knew talking to her was a priority.

At a season, we had series of conflicts. I began to wonder why.

Then the Lord spoke to my heart: “Was it your talking that brought her? Do you think it is your talking that will keep her?”

“When you wanted to get her, you spoke to me. Now that you have gotten her, you speak to her and not me”.

Friends, it will be a lie to say to ourselves that we are too busy to pray. If you are too busy to pray, you are busier than God intends you to be.

You come in tired and gets prayer off your list but you still ensure you talk to that babe and that guy! Just admit that prayer is not your priority.

As a doctor on night call, you wake up to attend to patient but you sleep if you have a prompt to pray! Just admit prayer is not a priority.

As a student preparing for exams, you stay awake all night to read yet complain about prayer- just admit that prayer is not a priority.

You return home with a load of office work and you tend to them before morning yet you do not attend to heaven’s memo sent to your spirit!

There is no one too busy to pray. There are only men and women who do not see prayer as priority.

The arsenal of hell is always focused on the prayer altar of the believer.

Check out its list- Distraction, Tiredness, Drowsiness!

You watch a movie and you stay awake for hours but here you are once you start to pray, you sleep!

You got in tired but can stay on social media for hours. Can you see that prayer is not a priority?

This is no joke brethren! Altars are under attack.

If Paul says we should pray without ceasing that means it is possible. We must get to a point where we sleep but our spirit even prays!

We must get to a point where prayer is more than a fixed time (which is very important) but a lifestyle.

We must come to know that prayer undergirds the move of the Spirit. How will light burst forth if the Spirit does not move over the waters?

Stop making excuses friend! You are not too busy to pray. You are not too tired to pray. You simply have not taken prayer as a priority.

Think about it: No matter how tired you are, if you hear a gun shot right in your room, would the bed still be a priority?

Pray! Pray!! Pray!!!

Put yourself on a regiment till it becomes a pattern. Pray!

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