As I prayed, the Lord brought to me a picture of a vest I used to have as a young boy. It is a white vest that had images of several fruits and their names on it.

It was that vest that made me know Paw-paw as Papaya too. It was a lovely vest. I rocked it while it lasted.

But it is not about the shirt, it is about what the Holy Spirit said to me. He said, “That is the exact manner in which I should be fruitful”.

The inworking of the Spirit of God in our lives must produce the fruits of the Spirit.

What is within must be unleashed without. The dealings of God with you must reflect in your words.

Your lips must have been delivered from lies and exaggerations. Your heart should smite you when you say some things- that is an outworking of the Spirit of God.

When you are driving and you lose your patience in traffic and you begin to return insults for insults- your heart should smite you! You are developing the fruits.

A dear brother spoke rudely to a traffic officer who annoyed him. After driving some minutes (he was traveling), the Holy Spirit told him to turn back and apologise.

He lost his peace. He turned back. The officer thought he was looking for trouble again but he apologised.

We must begin to see the effect of all we learn in church and in our private devotions in all our dealings.

Our car must not have “godly stickers” while we have ungodly attitudes sticking on us.

Be a Christian! Let your character speak.

The proof of your walk with God is best seen in how you respond to relationships around you.

Pray all night if you choose but also deliver great service in your chosen career. Be the best in attitude and delivery.

Even if it comes at a price, lose some money while you display godly character. If you lose money, you lost something but if you lose character, you have lost everything!

Let the fruits be seen in all you do- Love people, no manipulative mood swings, be the peace broker, be kind hearted and exhibit patience.

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