Olive would let out a quiet cry at night when she is hungry. If you refuse to answer, the cry begins to intensify. But one thing you can be sure of is that hunger will make her restless and sleep disappears from her and definitely from us. She only gets back to sleep when hunger is satisfied.

How hungry are you?
Hunger drives sleep away. If you are hungry to know more of the Lord, you cannot be drowsy and sleepy about life and your spiritual growth. Your appetite would ensure that you do not oversleep.

The desire and hunger to spend time with God will keep sleep away.

A sleepy man would never want to keep the company of a hungry man. Their desires are different. A hungry man would definitely wake up a sleepy man.

When last were you around a hungry company?
When last did your appetite level for the things of God go to new heights?
When last were you stirred for something more than you have always been used to?

If you still sleep all night throughout the week, you are not hungry enough.
If all you get is a “weekend experience” and not a daily encounter, you are not hungry enough.

The irony is hell is Hungry but men are satisfied.
The devil knows his time is short but lies to men that “there is time”.

Let a restlessness catch your spirit.
Let a hunger light up your soul.
Let desire for God keep you awake.

Lord, give me hunger.
Hunger for You.
Hunger for what you do.
Hunger for what you want me to do.
Lord, give me hunger.
Lord, Keep me hungry.

May I never be satisfied with normal.
May I never settle for less.

Lord, keep me hungry!

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