I sat on the deep freezer in the kitchen as I narrated to my lovely wife that after all we had put into getting the process done, we would have to begin again- the little hundreds of thousands was gone.

I could not hold back the drops of tears that came running down my eyes. It was meant to be a simple thing but it became so complex!

Thanks to a beautiful wife with a great heart, she looked at me and said, “We will try again”.

The aim of bad news is to weaken your spirit. The goal is to ensure that you respond like a weakling.

Every attack of hell is focused on breaking down your spirit. The devil knows that if he succeeds in breaking down your spirit, he will break down everything else.

The devil wants to ensure that your mouth to become too heavy to praise and your knees too weak to pray. He wants to ensure that you disconnect from other believers.

Friends, when the Isrealites were carried away in captivity, they sat down and wept and then they hung their harps and they refused to sing (Psalm 137:1-3).

They forgot something- it was the harp that David played in his wilderness season that became the passage into his palace moments.

No matter what happens to you, refuse to hang your harp. No matter how tough it gets, play your harp of worship.

Your new testament harp is the heart that worships and a mouth that praises the Lord.

If your heart can worship and your mouth can praise, the earth will quake, the prison doors will open, your chains will be broken and your oppressor will become your strongest supporter.

Hey! You can turn the table. Pick up a first song and then the next and then another. Even if the tears drop, keep at it. Before you know it, songs will turn into supplication.

Trust me, when supplication is wrapped in worship and mingled with praises, heaven cannot resist such a delicacy!

How many harp players do I have today?

It may not be the finest ryhthm but that devil is a liar- there is music in our hearts.

It may not come out with the nicest pitch but the devil will not get us quiet and boxed into a corner.

It may not be accompanied by the sweetest of back-up vocalists but your sighs and groans are about to become shouts of praise and adoration.

How many harp players do I have here today?

I am a harp player. Are you?

There is love in sharing

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