That day as we climbed the steps to his office, he asked to know the church that has the highest impact on young people in Eruwa. I began to mention churches with a huge number of youths in attendance.

Baba told me, “Son, when I ask you about impact, do not talk to me about numbers”.

The truth is I despised what the Lord was doing through us because I felt we were too small. More than half of our congregation move on each each year and at times twice a year.

My spiritual father did a mental re-engineering for me that day that has impacted our ministry ever since.

Dear friend, you must pass the test of small things. If you Pastor a church of 20 people and you are always annoyed that they are 20, they will never become 200.

I have learnt to preach my heart out to 5 like I will do to 500.

The reason why Eliab was rejected was soon revealed at the battle ground when he told David, “With whom did you leave the few sheep?”

Ahhhh! That was the few sheep that God saw David give his life to. God picked him up to be King over his people- God saw his integrity and skillfulness. Eliab despised it.

If you are not grateful for the five loaves of bread and two fishes in your hands, it will never feed 5000!

If you grumble when it is small, you will never be full of appreciation when it is much, if it ever becomes much!

If you cannot lay down your life to protect sheep, you cannot do it for a nation. God sees your heart.

When Jesse sent David to his brothers, he did not just abandon the sheep. He gave them to the care of another shepherd.

If the excitement of bigger assignments makes you trample on smaller tasks and treat what you have despitefully, you are failing big time!

Today, I am so grateful for the assignment God has given me. It is possible for the drive for success in what you do become your god- watch it!

Like we always say, “If you feel too big for small tasks, a day will come that you will definitely be too small for big tasks”.

It happened to Eliab. Is it happening to you?

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