When my phone rang that afternoon, it was a much needed answers to prayers. A family I love called to inform me of their decision to send their tithe to the ministry in Eruwa every month.

I was overjoyed. I was so glad. This is breakthrough.

Then comes the night as I prayed and God told me to turn it down. “God, turn what down? Do you know how helpful this will be for the kingdom? Their support would go a long way”.

The Spirit of God did not bulge. I knew I had hit a wall. I called them and explained. I apologised to them.

They agreed with me.

Friends, it wad tough turning down such a huge support. It was rough. It was tough.

But you know what, God will also take you through financial weaning. You will choose between Mammon and God.

God will bless you with a boat full of harvest and then ask you to follow Him. You will be torn in between the harvest and the Lord.

You will wait for long for Isaac and then you will be tested to see if Isaac has become your god.

Mammon will stir at you right in the face and you will walk away!

It is your audition.

No will be pretty hard. Following God will be so tough but you will deny yourself and carry your cross and follow Him.

The oil will come on you and instead of sitting on the throne, you will be running things in the wilderness. You will be begging Nabal and he will despise you.

On the journey, you will have to show some degree of madness so you can escape killing the men you are sent to.

The little you have gathered at times will go through Ziklag when your men will pick up stones against you. You will get a huge harvest and you will still have to give those who threatened to kill you.

God will separate the chaff in you from the wheat He needs. The dross must leave the gold.

You must learn to shout when the alert drops and still shout when He asks you to give it all away. This one is the real deal!

He is checking out your heart.
He is checking out your heart.

He wants to know whether you will become a tin-god when kingdom treasures begin to come.

Friends, money can help in ministry but money can never be ministry. Do not mix it up.

If all you want is to get your bills paid, kindly pick up a job and not the call. You will be tested.

If God does not get Mammon out of you, He cannot get His treasures into your hands.

Are you passing the money test?

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