We were driving home in the evening after some light purchases when I heard Danielle release a sound that shows dissatisfaction.

Just before I turned my head to find out what the issue really was, I heard her mum say to her, “Be calm. I held you back because I can see what is ahead”.

(Apparently, her mum knew I would apply the brakes and Danielle had a drink in her mouth)

But those words never left me- “I held you back because I see what is ahead”.

Have you ever wanted to cross the road with a friend or sibling or elderly one and they held you back just as you attempted crossing because they saw what you did not see?

You always turn to them with a sigh of relief and a thank you!

I want to talk to someone who has palace dreams but is having pit and prison moments!

I want to talk to someone who followed the star but you are somewhere in the manger!

I want to share with someone who feels held back and you are dissatisfied.

What if you simply trust God that he knows what is ahead?

What if you simply hold on to His promises knowing that all things will work together for your good?

Why don’t you dump that idea of a competitive spirit that keeps getting you depressed?

The “holding back” definitely has a reason. Sometimes, it is to build extra capacity because there are giants to bring down.

There may be fleshy tendencies like the desire for attention that must be cut off and sacrificed so that pride does not take away what grace has supplied.

If you feel like a stone in a catapult, fear not! The first thing we do after placing you in is to draw you back.


So you will not drop back at the very same spot where you were picked from.

So you would travel with precision and move with speed when you are released from the catapult.

When you drive into a fuel station, you wait while the car is being refueled. You do not get envious of those who rode in a motorcycle and left before you- your capacity is not the same.

You are not envious of other cars because you know you will not be at the pump forever also.

Be calm when God holds you back, he sees what you do not see. He is building your capacity. He is dealing with tendencies that can wreck your future.

Take a deep breath and say, “Lord, I trust you. I will be calm”.

There is love in sharing
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