After sharing the gospel with him that evening (not for the first time), he told me that he knows that he would still serve the Lord. He told me a story:

Back in his primary school days, he had unique experiences. His teachers called him pastor. If anyone was sick in school, before they send the person to the sickbay, they would call him to lay hands on them. He said, “I know I am meant to serve God. I know I will still serve God. Pastor, just be praying for us”.

By the time we spoke, he did not even look like someone with such rich encounters. He was a good boy lost in the pleasures of the world. Unfortunately, today he is no more. He never lived up to the deposits of God in his life.

Friends, there is such a thing as sacrificing the divine on the altar of your personal pleasure. You know quite well that you are on a part of survival driven by needs.

You have sworn to yourself that you cannot watch your family suffer but you have forgotten that your provision is hidden in your obedience to a divine assignment. You seem to have forgotten that prophets can eat where nations go hungry.

Would you return to God and all you have to show are your good pursuits which only counts for comfort and compensation on earth? What about his commitment to you? Will your account with him be credited with your faith and obedience or will it be overdrawn with your needs and wants?

You actually have chosen the messages to listen to. You have tailored your life to adjust to everything that helps your comfort and the disdain anything that ruffles and unsettles you. You love to hear of divine connections but nothing about the sacrifices of consecration.

God told Moses to warn the Israelites not to say or congratulate themselves thinking, ‘I am safe, even though I am following the desires of my own stubborn heart.’ This would lead to utter ruin!
Deuteronomy 29:19 NLT

When you put on that suit today, let the voice of the Lord penetrate into the deepest part of your heart where you locked up your divine assignment in the dungeon of pleasure. Let it take a walk to the gates of expression.

As you sit in your air-conditioned office today, let everything around you receive life to say to you that you are called to more than your survival.

Which is weightier- your needs or His needs? Your bread or His Burden?

This is a call to consecration. It is a tough call! How will it end?

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