My phone rang and the conversation was “Temi, are you in town already. Please make sure we see before you leave”

I sure kept the appointment. When I saw her, she said to me, “Temi, we have been thinking of what to give you for your wedding. We thought of sponsoring your honeymoon. This is a token for you. We are so sorry”.

She handed me an envelope and said to me, “I know you are a wise young man and you will know how to utilise this”. When I got to base, I was in shock. It was a huge gift in foreign currencies. I did not use it for honeymoon.

Friends, Wisdom attracts resources- human, financial and material. People give you according to your capacity. We invest a lot of time seeking money rather than building capacity.

Your capacity will determine whether you have five, two or one talent. There is a way we unconsciously weigh people before we give them things.

Do not waste time chasing money. Invest in gaining wisdom. Solomon said, “Of what use is money in the hands of a fool when he has no desire to gain wisdom”.

Resources flow in the direction of those who are wise and flows away from those who are foolish in management. There is a reason why money is called liquid.

One of the marks of wisdom is the ability to manage resources- turning five talents into ten. After the ten talents, you can still have an extra one of the person who does not know what to do with what they have.

Wait a minute. Nebuchadnezzar took gold and silver from the temple and palace Solomon. But when they got to Babylon, he did not ask for the silver and gold, he requested that they bring him the finest brains among the young men of Judah. He knew something.

Nebuchadnezzar went after human resource that produces material resources. Anytime you place money or material above people, you will fade and become irrelevant.

Whatever God has given to you is premised on the faith that you are wise enough to handle it.

If you give 10 million to a man who has a mindset of 100,000, he will reduce the 10 million to 100,000 but if you give 100,000 to a man who has a 10 million mind, he will turn it around.

Are you dealing prudently?

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