We had checked on the house about three weeks earlier and I told my wife that we were not going to rent that particular place and I had my reason.

She did not argue with me. As I drove into our former residence, the Holy Spirit impressed it in my heart that the house I rejected was actually the house to rent.

Today, I know why the Lord would have us to stay in that house.

There are times when the Lord is leading us but we only get to understand in retrospect. How many times have you woken up months or years later to say “I now understand why so and so happened”?

The first important thing we must learn is to trust God even when we do not understand him. Putting our trust in God must be our priority.

The prophet Isaiah said, “His understanding is unsearchable”. You will have challenges with following Divine prompts if trust is poor.

There will be times when the thing the Lord will ask you to do will not make any sense to you and people around you.

For instance, till date I still have to answer questions like, “Why are you not practising Law?”, “You are so smart. Why did you leave Law for Ministry?” Or “Why did you decide to be in Eruwa of all places?”

Trust is a key part of our journey of faith. When faith starts in obedience, it always ends in thanksgiving.

On the journey of faith, there are no two pairs of eyes, just one! Make sure God is the seeing party. Be the blind party.

Let him hold your hands while you follow his leading. Let him tell you when you walk and where you place your feet. Let him tell you when you stop and where to step.

When Paul told the men not to set sail because he perceived in his heart that the journey was going to be full of troubles, they discarded it. They followed “expert” opinion.

Expert opinion is credible but it is based on experience. The revelation of God is incomparable- it is a withdrawal from what has not happened yet.

There are things the Lord will ask you to do today that may take the next 10 years to make sense to you. Please, just trust Him. Be the blind party. Let Him lead you.

When we follow God in trust, we will always return with thanksgiving.

Trust God.

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