My daughter stood at the door and attempted opening it. She could not because her hands barely reached the handle.

She looked at me for help and I laughed at her. I teased her saying, “You are not even tall”.

But guess what, I sat in the living room a week later and there was a miracle.

My daughter walked towards the door and I was so sure she could not open it. But I was wrong.

The next moment, I saw the door open right before me. She opened the door.

What could have happened in one week? What…? Oh my God…! I called my eyes and alerted her.

Be careful. Young madam can now open the door. She is as tall as the handle. And she does not bother us anymore. She goes straight for the door.

Hey! You are about to shock those who mocked you. While they laughed at you, they did not know you were getting taller, waxing stronger and becoming better.

Friends, if you can just hold on a little more, doors that were closed and impossible to open last year, last month will soon open with ease.

Some times, what you struggle with only needs a little time to see you grow. Growth can simply solve some things you are struggling for.

There is a person of vision who is simply frustrated reading this now- keep growing internally, the external spread that you desire will soon be evident to all.

Do not allow pressure make you give up or compromise. Do not cook your son like that woman in famine, not knowing that it was just 3 days to the end of the famine.

Someone reading this is spending his last night in “prison-like” circumstances. Tomorrow, the palace will send for you.

Do not commit suicide a day before the good news. That devil is a liar. Reject depression. Fight for your joy. Dance and rejoice till your spirit man gets the code of the kingdom rewired into your entire soul.

Be patient. Do not steal that money at work because it is tough.

Your hands will soon reach the handle and your doors will be open.

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