I was visiting with a dear friend some times back and we got talking about how smart kids can be.

She said she kept noticing that the drinks kept in the shelf up on the wall kept reducing. The height of her kids could not have possibly gotten to the shelf.

She had asked her husband whether he was the one taking the children’s drinks. He said he was not.

Until a day she was home and then saw the strategist- her young daughter.

She gently pulled a small chair close to the table under the shelf. She climbs the chair and then the table and gets to the shelf.

My friend was in shock.

Her daughter opens the shelf and brings out two small packs of Hollandia Yoghurt. She calls her elder brother to have one and she drinks the other.

My friend had a great shock at the skilfulness of her daughter.

There are things that are kept for you. There are benefits that the grace of God has supplied. There are heights that are ordained for you to attain.

When it looks impossible, there are resources within the house that you can put together to get what you need.

There is a chair of “faith” that you can pull close to the table of “skilfulness” while you open up that locked shelf of God’s favour with great “persistence”.

There is a divine leverage that can get you from where you are to where you desire to be.

Leave the past behind.
Build New Expectations.
Value God and His Word.
Commit to Excellence.
Relationships must not be taken for granted.
Add Character to your pursuit.
Be commited to Growth and just like my friend’s daughter, ensure that you share God’s blessings with others.

You may be close to kingship and you do not even realise it. It could take the counsel and the coin of a servant to get you into the proper position to fulfill a divine mandate.

Stop running around and ask God to reveal to you the resources in the house that you can pull together to access all that has been prepared for you.

What is in your house that can bring what you desire to see in your hands?

There is love in sharing

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