In my days in the Junior Secondary School, it was one of those routine days that the teacher walks in and request for your class notes for inspection.

Those whose notes were not complete were always flogged.

My notes were not complete. It was right in my bag but I had to lie to my teacher that I forgot it at home.

While he flogged other culprits, he said to me, “Ola, I know you are a serious and brilliant student. Let me see your notes tomorrow”. I escaped.

My goodness saved me on the class judgement day!

But friends, on the day of Judgment, there will not be a scale where God will measure your good deeds and bad deeds to see which weighs more.

Some folks think if they do enough good, they can bribe God for a space in heaven.

It is not by works! You will not be able to boast. It is simply by His grace alone.

Jesus through his death took your place. He became the substitute. He came on the field and took all the hit while you stepped out and stepped into His rest.

If you have not accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour believing that He paid the price for your sins, you will then have to pay it for yourself.

Your goodness will not save you!

If you say, “But God is loving, He cannot overlook all the good things I have done?”

Well, If a stranger comes to your door at 12 midnight and says to you, “I am a good person. I want to spend the night in your house”.

What will you say? You will likely say, “I am sorry. I do not know you”.

Do you know Jesus shared a parable where he mentioned that some people who did a lot of good things will be told, “I do not know you. Get away from me…”

Access is by relationship.

I lied and escaped. But on the day of judgment, no smart plan or smooth lie will save the day.

Friend, there will not be a time to do repair work. You will not hear, “Okay. Come back tomorrow”.

It is ordained for man to die once and after that judgment.

Your good works will still fall short.

Would you accept what Christ has done or would you pay the price for yourself?

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