I was really excited to see a young man whom I had known for years again. It was a mini reunion howbeit by the roadside. I knew him as a committed member of a local church back in the day. I then asked him, “What church are you now?” His answer was, “I play for so and so church”. I was surprised. He tried to explain that the church he played for was not his church but that is where he attends now because of financial reasons.

When I dug deeper, his life was a mess. It was not money that he needed first. That was the lie of the devil to steal his soul. What he needed first was the conviction that comes from spiritual growth. He needed the capacity that attract a better life. He needed a home.

Listen clearly please – Anywhere your skill is valued more than your spirit is not a spiritual home, it is an abattoir! Anywhere your talent is exalted above your training is not a platform but a graveyard.

There is a difference between sons and servants. When a son forgets what home looks like or means or what fatherhood is like, he is satisfied with sharing bread with hired servants. He will be at home but all he is eyeing will be the “bread of servants”.

First, do not let the devil seduce you at any point. Settle it that your spirit is priceless. Settle it that you will never starve spiritually. You need a strong spirit to manifest in destiny. Even Jesus became strong in spirit. Go where your spirit is fed, nurtured, and groomed for destiny.

And the Child grew and became strong in spirit, filled with wisdom; and the grace of God was upon Him.

Luke 2:40 NKJV

Second, do not let problems and the needs of life seduce you. In the training of your spirit, there will be legitimate needs that will arise, but you must still lean on and trust the Lord.

I had a young man with a calling to the ministry. I did not doubt in my heart that a brilliant young man who had great potential decided to serve the Lord in Eruwa. I would do all in my power to ensure that he had what he needed. One day, he came to my office and dropped hints of his need. I told him, “I have the money to give you, but I would not. I would not be helping your journey. Go and build your faith and trust in God”. Today, he is the better for it. His capacity is enlarged. His conviction is solid. He is not where he used to be financially. It was a tough choice. It was painful to see him go through it, but it was better for his future.

In training our spirit, we converted hunger to fasting till God showed up. We converted the lack of transport fare to prayer walking and returned home with a miracle. There is a greater joy when you see the Father show up for you miraculously.

Do not allow the immediate pleasures of life to rob you of the ultimate plan of God for you in life and destiny.

Third, do not let increases and results seduce your spirit also. There is a way that will always seem right but please check well before you sign away your destiny and birthright. Some voices have become lost today that should have been sound bars for the kingdom. They have been drowned in hustling.

When the process seems hard, endure hardness like a good soldier of Christ. When the harvest seems late, never doubt that there is a seed in the ground. When the race seems tough, do not change lanes and cross lines. You are running for a prize and not just running to be a part. There is a pattern that will help your spirit, do not despise it!

Take with me your share of hardship [passing through the difficulties which you are called to endure], like a good soldier of Christ Jesus.

2 Timothy 2:3 AMP

Now listen, when your spirit is trained and your convictions are deep, you will not crumble when the breakthrough comes. Why? That height you covet will only be sustained by depths that men may not see. Digging foundations is never a waste. Be patient.

Any theology that removes the Christian suffering will leave you as a baby in the creche. You will never learn to stretch!

© temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa

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