That evening, my Dad got a call from one of our neighbours. He asked Dad to come over with a stick to his house. We went over armed with sticks and a good light source.

There was no time for pleasantries. He called from his kitchen, “Please come in here”. A snake was hiding under the sink. He knew that he could not leave the kitchen and suffer the risk of the snake disappearing into a place he did not know. He waited in the kitchen so he could know the exact spot where the snake stayed. When he saw that he had nothing to use to kill the snake, he called for help. We killed the snake that night. Afterwards, they had time for pleasantries.

Beloved, some matters cannot wait. It would be like sleeping in your house knowing that a snake was lurking somewhere around having a field day. You cannot take things for granted. You must not take things for granted.

Paul wrote clearly about not giving the devil a foothold. When the snake is given a free field of operation in the Garden of your life, it is just a matter of time before it takes over the garden. You will lose it all.

I would always tell my children that there were matters that I would have to shout about first and explain later. For instance, if you are about to place your fingers in fire. I will scream to stop you first. Afterwards, I will explain. Why? Some matters cannot wait.

Do you remember the Shunnamite woman? They brought her son back from the field dead on arrival. She laid the boy on the bed of Prophet Elisha. She asked that they saddle a donkey for her and made a request, “Do not slack for me”. Why? You cannot be battling for life and sipping some drink as you drive. Never! There are matters that cannot wait.

Nathan warned Bathsheba that if she kept quiet while Adonijah schemed, she was joking with death:

Now then, let me advise you how you can save your own life and the life of your son Solomon.

1 Kings 1:12 NIV

What was his advice? “Go immediately…”

You cannot have a cold home, and you keep going out to spend some time with your friends. That is like leaving a snake in your bedroom and taking a stroll expecting to sleep well all night. Stand up and address it. Ask for wisdom, patience, and the meekness required to solve the matter. Why? Some matters cannot and must not wait.

Recently, we were in a clinic. The doctor confronted a patient who had skipped some of the procedural treatments. Every ground they had gained medically had become a waste. They have to start all over again. Unfortunately, at a higher cost and more invasive procedures. Why? The patient thought some things could wait.

There are your relatives and friends that you must share the gospel with urgently. Why? Some things cannot wait. If you have the cure for cancer and your family member is diagnosed with such, would you keep quiet? There are matters that must not wait.

A beloved one had a prompt to share the gospel with an old woman he saw on his way to church. He did and she gave her life to Christ. The next day, he wanted to stop by to follow up with her. He met a crowd mourning her death. Some things cannot wait.

If you have to repent, do not postpone it.

If you are meant to forgive, do it now.

If there is someone you need to call, do it now.

Do not allow sin to lurk within your walls while you sleep. Do not hold on to the good news when you can bless a life. These matters cannot wait.

The devil, like the armed robber or burglar, knows that he has a limited time, but do you know one of his greatest lies to you: “You can wait”. Do not believe that liar. Take steps to reconcile with your spouse. Take parenting seriously. Share the good news. Some things cannot wait.

© temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa

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