I TAKE 10 DAYS OUT (Plus Testimonies and Thank You) ?

I TAKE 10 DAYS OUT (Plus Testimonies and Thank You) ?

We thank God for what He has done in the past few weeks. One of the most exciting part is the “Holiday Bible School with Uncle Temi”.

We had 53 kids in attendance on the last day. 37 of them were Secondary School students.

We took a week to teach about The Bible, God, The Grace and Love of God and the Holy Spirit.

(I did not believe they would even understand a lot of what we shared. They looked like seminary topics. But they got it perfectly and even asked a lot of questions)

What a joy seeing more than half of them giving their lives to Christ and on the last day, 35 of them getting filled with the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues.

What a delight!

We also have the next editon of COMPASS in the works. We trust God for what only He can do. This is the 5th edition. Thank you to all who are giving. Your seed sown is blessed.

I am taking a break of 10 days to get to rest- Retreat, Eat, Sleep and Think!

While away, I commit you to God and to His Word. I pray your steps and your stops are ordered.

Till we meet, keep basking in the grace of God and Happy Easter!

There is love in sharing

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