Of all the crazy things my wife and I had done in our walk with God, we took it to a new level sometimes back when we gave away something that took us our entire marital life to build.

Tough but we did. I was at work one day when my wife sent a text that she needed me at home. We had a lot to talk about and at some point cry about.

She said, “I thought when you sow seeds, it will get easy”. My tears were inspired by hers – I cried too. Then we smiled because “it was not ‘With God all things will be easy’ but ‘With God, all things will be possible'”.

Some of us can testify that when we chose God’s will, things got a bit tougher – we lost some things we would have rightly gotten. We lost some relationships too but the joy of it is the peace that passes all understanding and the hope that does not make ashamed.

A woman gave her life to Christ and told her Pastor about how tough business has become since she could not engage in sharp practises any longer.

The call of God is not to cross your legs; it is to carry the cross. There is no walk with God that can bypass the cross. If your walk bypasses the cross, you cannot overcome the grave! Resurrection comes after crucifixion.

Friend, whatever God has asked you to do is not an automatic guarantee of convenience. Most times, they are as painful as Abraham circumcising himself at an old age or David begging for bread in the temple. Or Paul spending nights in the deep not in a jeep.

If you will embrace God’s will, you must enjoy the process. Jesus can be in the boat and it is still fatally stormy. The assurance is that you cannot be swallowed by it.

If it is not tested and certified, it cannot be guaranteed. Take your tests one after the other. Pass it. God does not promote people on trial. Love His will. Do His Will.

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