I thought mum was being creative (she actually is), but maturity made me realize that it was because of the times- instead of meat in vegetables then, we had “real thick hard almost ripe” mangoes. And as kids, we were always looking forward to Mango soup! (I salute mothers).

I do not know how she came about it but one thing I know happens in the midst of shortage is that “strange” and “unusual” ideas begin to drop.

If you are a person of prayer, expect to be extra creative this season. Do not reduce divine insights to the smallness of your mind.

One of the things that will keep you on the same spot is insisting you will do things the same way when the Lord is tugging your heart in a different direction.

Before you put your resources into doing it the way you used to, put your heart into seeking Him. Why? You have not passed this way before (Joshua 3:4)

There comes a time when you cannot copy the template of Moses but if you also have a relationship with the God of Moses, you can get the template that works in the current situation. If you copy templates without hearing God, the Jordan you are meant to cross may become the end of your fleshly adventure.

Even if you do not understand it, do not underrate it. This is the season where Josephs emerge and Isaacs excels.

This is the time to revisit your journals. You wrote answers that you will need now four years ago. You only did not know that God gave you tools in advance. What you wrote were not just thoughts; they were tools.

Friend, inspiration does not drop on moody depressed minds! They are too self-engrossed to see opportunities. Refuse to be sorrowful. Splendid ideas started stupid, really weird and mostly laughed at.

Friend, I know without a doubt that hardworking, creative children of God will prosper in seasons of economic hardship.

I know that “under-the-roof” businesses will emerge as Multi-Nationals. I know men whose voices were hitherto disregarded will become a force to reckon with.

I am not talking to lazy and irresponsible ones. I mean the ones who will still weed, plant and water when it is hard. Those who work twice as hard refusing to be discouraged- your doors are open.

The season of favour come upon you. Your storehouses are filled. Kings seek answers from you. Your head is lifted. Your tears are wiped.

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