It was a beautiful afternoon when mum sent me to buy and grind some pepper from her regular supplier. I borrowed Ayodele’s (my childhood friend) bicycle and had a good ride to the pepper seller.

I diligently tied the pepper to the carrier at the back and rode all the way home. I returned the bicycle; untied the small bucket of pepper and strolled to our house!

I pulled the tiny bucket by the handle. Just the moment I got to the door of our house, with the excitement of execution, the handle of the bucket removed and all the pepper…

I froze. I could not believe it. I am home. I am already home. How can this happen now?

Friend, the same diligence you used to tie the pepper to the bicycle must be applied to the end. Guard treasures jealously.

Do not engage in sex because of the promise of marriage. The promise is not the marriage. The pressure to fornicate is higher when you are closer to marriage- guard the treasures! Do not say, “At least, it is sure we will marry so it is no big deal”. Spilt pepper cannot be scooped again, it returns with sand!

Friend, do not carry your life and destiny with one hand. Do not handle it with levity. You must be diligent in all things- in relationship with God, in building a value system, in building solid relationships!

To someone reading this who is close to delivery:

“Fear not. You will deliver safely. You will be safe. Your son will be safe. You will celebrate”. Amen.

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