I had a gift of something I had really needed but I felt a prompt to give it to someone who needed it more. However, I was waiting to see whether a new one I was expecting would be a better type so I could choose the better and give out the lesser.

The Lord spoke to my heart that evening and asked, “Why do you want to wait to compare before you obey my prompt?” When God asks you a question, it is not because he does not know the answer. I repented and obeyed.

But it is a picture of how we give often times than not- we give away the one that we need the least. We give away the one that we think is less useful to us. We give away the one that leaves the least mark on us. We give without bleeding. We give in comfort.

As a matter of fact, when we want to give to the needy, the announcement goes like this: “If you have clothes and shoes or other things that you do not use again but are still good, we would be glad to have them so we can give them out to those in need”. Great intentions that must be applauded.

But can we go the extra mile and give away exactly what we would also have desired to have? Giving is never a picture of who has been given but a picture of who has given.

Whatever you give is a reflection of the image of your heart. A king should give according to the size of kingship but when royalty gives like a pauper, a small heart has only been packaged behind big clothes.

Do you remember how we put our hands in our pockets to feel the denomination of the notes while you shelve aside the big denominations till you touch the one that reflects the state of your heart? We cover up small hearts with great speeches and big dances.

Giving is a commandment. Have you seen how David gave? Have you seen how Solomon gave? Did you see how Abraham gave? Did you see how God gave? Have you thought of how Jesus gave? How are you giving? Are you giving better or lesser?

I realise that we can even give more than material things- you can give credit to those who deserve it rather than arrogate it to yourself because you are the one who has access.

Think of Esther- But Mordecai heard about the plot and gave the information to Queen Esther. She then told the king about it and gave Mordecai credit for the report.
Esther 2:22 NLT

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