Irewamiri shared a testimony about how her mind was besieged during the pregnancy of our second baby. It was so bad that images of death would flash at her. She practically fought depression.

For months, it was a siege. One of the things the Lord did was to place other images of victory and templates that it was possible to go through pregnancy supernaturally. Until the image changed, the oppression persisted.

We eventually danced our way into the labour room and even in labour. She was cracking jokes as she laboured. The image had changed.

Beloved, one major thing that you must deny the devil is the opportunity to build a stronghold in your mind. He is an expert in weaving unrelated incidences and turning them to an image. If you accept that image, it becomes your reality.

It takes the combination of the concept of Prison and Fortress to build a stronghold. Prison is designed to keep the inmates from coming out. The fortress is designed to keep help from coming in

If your mind begins to resist the Word of the Lord, the Spirit of the Lord and the Anointing ordained to help you- that is a stronghold. The devil’s strength lies in the ability to manipulate the mind of a man- images will fly but their aim is to keep you in so you do not break out into light and neither does light break in to you.

Some of the greatest tools of manipulation in this era goes on even on social media- negative news, twisted narratives, attacks on the holy, attempts to subject the voice of God to the vote of men.

If you are not careful, you will applaud a write-up when you are meant to say, “Get thee behind me devil”. Why? The intention looks right and attractive but if you are not discerning, you will not realise that there is more than the physical eyes can see.

Intense control, strange manipulation and intimidation has become the order of the day. Those subtle elements are the primary organs of witchcraft. Do not swallow everything hook, line and sinker- it is a bait that chokes the soul of men.

If you are not armed with superior information about the Lord and His ways, you will be nodding your head in approval to beautifully crafted satanic thoughts.

If you are a believer, be doubly warned. The devil wants to sit at the gateway to your life- your mind. Resist him.

Peter’s words that Jesus will not and must not die sounds humanly attractive and good but Jesus had superior information hence rebuked the devil’s manipulation.

What sounds good that you have swallowed with the hook without knowing that it is not of the Lord? Begin to detoxify now before the poison level rises and shuts down your mind totally.

Temiloluwa Ola, Eruwa

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