In the early days of marriage, once there is a disagreement or a conflict, I would keep asking Irewamiri in the midst of our conflict that, “What is the Holy Spirit saying to you now?” She would not budge.

After the conflict is resolved, I would ask again, “So what was the Holy Spirit saying to you”. Irewamiri would say, “He was telling me to apologise (or at times forgive)”. Then I would ask, “Why did you not obey Him”. Her response is, “Is it that easy? I want you to feel the pain too”.

Beloved, as long as you do not tremble at the Word and the prompt of God, you are not ready for the growth programme of God’s kingdom.

If the prompt of the Holy Spirit is still negotiable, that area that you still struggle with Him over is the exact spot that hinders your journey to brokenness and shuts you out of significance.

You attain significance when the gaze of God is upon you. What man will the Lord fix His gaze on? The man that trembles in reverence at His Word.

“…there is something I’m looking for: a person simple and plain, reverently responsive to what I say.”
Isaiah 66: 2 MSG

This is the secret of David and men raised in His order and pattern. Heaven’s spotlight would always freeze on them and God will say, “I have found a man after my heart”. Their heart always longs for the Lord.

That portion of your life, marriage or career that has become a point of an argument is the exact place where you have been hardened and that is the spot where you need to be broken.

Wait! Do you really think grandstanding with the Holy Spirit makes your life grand? Wait! What ground has the stubbornness conquered for you? Is your marriage more romantic and loving?

The longer it takes for the Spirit to work on you by working with you, the longer it will take for you to get into the best of God’s plans for you

Are you still arguing?
Will you choose brokenness?

There is love in sharing

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