As a teenager growing up with parents who were Pastors, one of the things to endure was the Pre-convention fast. It was a minimum of fourteen days and a maximum of twenty-one days.

But it was difficult- pretty difficult. I thought eating toothpaste would work so I brushed several times. Laughs. I would visit our neighbours and take some slices of bread. At times, I would sneak to drink garri in the store.

What I did not know was that it was my training ground for a journey of a lifetime- if I had learnt the spiritual exercise early enough, it would have become a plus later in life.

Do not boycott the process. Even when it is painful and tough, persevere through it. The profit of the process may not be immediate but it will surely speak.

The disciples of Jesus could not cast out a demon. Jesus rebuked them by asking, “For how long will I be with you?” They were not picking the spiritual lessons he desired them to pick.

But they had a great attitude. They went back to Jesus and asked why. Jesus mentioned to them that they needed to be faithful in the discipline of prayer and fasting.

You can imagine how much the disciples must have loved food.

Do you remember that the Pharisees even accused them of eating without washing their hands?

“Why do your disciples break the traditions of our ancestors? They do not wash their hands before they eat.”
Matthew 15:2 GW

Do you remember how they ate corn in a field? They had food problems.

At that particular time, Jesus went through the grainfields on the Sabbath, and His disciples were hungry and began to pick the heads of grain and eat them.
Matthew 12:1 AMP

Even though Jesus constantly defended them, He did not spare them when he told them that their expressions in spiritual things will be limited if their belly remains their god.

Jesus did a lot of fasting then. He told the Pharisees not to bother about his disciples. Jesus was sure they would fast when He was no longer with them. Well! They did.

You must not boycott process. It takes faithfulness to spiritual things to produce great and outstanding results in life. If you submit to process early, you will become a great tool in God’s hands. Do not boycott process.

Embrace Discipline!

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