There is a game that we play as young ones. Someone would place a piece of paper or any light object that another will not feel easily on him.

When the deed is done, the one who placed the unnoticed object on the person has a song they sing. When interpreted, it means “The one that carries a load and is unaware is suffering”. Everyone begins to check their head to remove anything that has been placed there without their knowing.

A teacher defined pride as a disease that everyone else is aware of except the person carrying it. The proud will never accept that she or he is proud. This is what makes it a strange but potent disease.

The proud will see what is wrong in others but never see what is wrong in himself. The devil knows the potency of pride. He lost his place in heaven because of it.

The devil is an expert in introducing pride into the life of men. God himself resists the proud. There was a king by the name Nebuchadnezzar. He took a walk on the roof of his palace one day and arrogated the progress in Babylon to himself. That day, his fate to become and live like an animal for a season was sealed.

A man’s pride and sense of self-importance will bring him down, but he who has a humble spirit will obtain honour.
Proverbs 29:23 AMP

Pride wants to be the centre of attraction. It desires to be the baby at the naming ceremony, the celebrant at a birthday party, the spouse at the wedding ceremony and someone said, ‘If it is possible, the proud would love to be the corpse at a burial service’. It sounds humorous but pride would bring a man to low places.

Do not allow the devil to put anything on your life that is not yours. Reject it with all you have. Be on the lookout for the praises of men that can cost a man his life. Herod received the praises of men who even called him “God” and he ended up in the grave that same day eaten alive by maggots. Do not receive what is not yours.

Remember, pride is a disease that everyone else is aware of except the person carrying it. Do not carry what is not yours.

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