We were visiting with a dear Father in the Faith some few months ago. While we sat with him late that night, I knelt beside him and told him how grateful we are for all the sacrifices that he makes for us- the teachings, the time and the access. He smiled and said to me, “You are the ones who appreciate it”. That is a weighty statement.

Friends, a gratitude that is not communicated is never effective. You cannot keep saying thank you in your heart. Keeping quiet when you are blessed is not humility. There are people doing great things who are thinking of quitting because we rarely say thank you.

Who knows whether the nine lepers were saying “Thank You” to Jesus Christ in their hearts? They may even tell others how blessed they were by the ministry of Jesus. But Jesus is there asking, “Where are the remaining nine?”

Gratitude must be intentionally communicated. The one leper turned back. After you read or hear a word that blesses you, do not just say “hmmmm” in your heart or “this is wonderful” and move on. Stop it. Pause. Communicate gratitude.

The leper returned with a loud voice. If you are getting blessed, let the gratitude be with a loud voice. Do not package it. Let the channel God has used to bless you know that you are blessed.

Today, you have opportunities to say Thank You for all the daily posts you have been reading. This is the day to quit the Silent Readers Association. Gratitude must be communicated.

This season, the best way to do it is to help us to do more. You read online but we have readers in our community and beyond that we produce hard copies of the devotionals for three times a year. We give to them for free. I have an elderly man on a low-income job that stops me anywhere he sees me to ask for COMPASS. I cannot give up because of people like them.

We are about producing the final edition for this year and your Thank You should be a cash gift to support the publication and free distribution of COMPASS

Send your support for Compass Devotional to: OLA TEMILOLUWA ANUOLUWAPO (STANBIC IBTC 9202266495) and send a chat of your support to the feedback line on WhatsApp (08077467754).

This is why we communicate appreciation:
Paul said, “So, if we’ve sowed many spiritual gifts among you, is it too much to expect to reap material gifts from you?” (1 Corinthians 9:11 TPT)

Let us do this together. God bless you!

There is love in sharing

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