We were visiting with a dear sister and friend of ours. It was our first time there. The moment we entered her living room, I looked at her and said, “My sister, this is where you pray”. “Oh Yes!” She replied.

The moment we walked in, I knew there was an atmosphere that has been created in that particular room. It was so tangible. You would want to begin to pray. And yes! It did not take long before our visit took a prophetic dimension. She had raised an altar.

One of the mistakes you would make is to carry on living life casually without recognising the importance of building a consistent habit of fellowship with the Lord.

There is no one with lasting relevance who did not have a standing and active communion with the Lord.

Life is serviced by altars. Every king that is sitting on the throne has a priesthood that is speaking behind the throne.

Take the assignment of raising altars seriously- Lot learnt everything else from Abraham and he got amazing results- Cattle, Gold, Maidservants and Male Servants. But he did not master the place of building altars and the consequences were not palatable:

He did not discern Abraham by covenant. He was only looking at him as his uncle. He did not move beyond the casual.

He did not inquire of the Lord before choosing “near Sodom”. He had areas of his life that God did not matter.

He was carried away in battle. His safety was reliant on the intercession of another. He had no prayer altar that could be a place to negotiate for destiny and generations.

He lacked sensitivity and awareness. After he was rescued in war, he still returned to Sodom. He did not even know that Sodom would be destroyed.

He had blended so well with Sodom that his words were no longer weighty. He lost all. He lost his wife to Sodom, he lost his wealth to the fire. He lost his daughters to promiscuity. He lost all.

There is power in raising altars. Do you have any?

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