When I sat with my Spiritual Father earlier on in ministry, I told him that in a bid to learn of him, I would attend the monthly ministers seminar.

Well! After some few months, my interest began to wane. At a point I was absent for almost more than 6 months stretch.

Let me tell you something that will keep you on the same spot for a long time:

First, if you do not know the real value of relationships that God has blessed you with.

Second, if all you want is the name-dropping yet no true lessons and values are dropping into your life.

One of the attributes of many in our generation is that fake air of “I know this person” or “I was with Man of God last week” or “I still visited that Apostle last month” or “In fact, I was with Bishop __ just last night”.

Friend! Calm down. Name dropping is not the proof of greatness. I know you have contact with a lot of great names in your field but are you connected to them?

I know you claim to know them but do they know you in the same way you paint it?

One way to know that all you have is mere contact and no deep connection is when they do not know what to call you- colleague, protege, friend, brother, son!

You are just a loose canon somewhere in the middle of all they know.

I learnt this a bit late but the adjustment I have made has really made a lot of difference in my life and ministry.

I have taken a posture of a son willing to learn and not just interested in name-dropping and selfies!

Who are you connected to? In whose labour are you learning? In whose presence does all your titles and accomplishments disappear as you soak in all they share with you?

Do you have mere contact or are you vitally connected?


There is love in sharing

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