Back in my days at the university, I had spent some time praying in the Sports Complex. Just as I went to my hostel, I had an image flash before me. I saw myself laying my hands on my brother’s printing machine in his press in Ibadan.

I was not yet acquainted to the things of the Spirit but I paused on the road and prayed about what I saw. That weekend, I was in Ibadan and I discovered that my brother’s printing machine was not working for about three days but on a Thursday evening, the engineer “suddenly” saw what the challenge was. It was that evening. I smiled and I did not say a word about my experience.

One of the things that the Spirit of God supplies us is light in the midst of circumstances that we know existed or we have no idea about. Therefore, we must be committed students of the Word and the Spirit. You must become addicted.

We walk in darkness in the midst of situations because we do not engage light. You can be so lighted up that confusion has no place in your affairs. We can get to the point when we say like Jesus Christ that “I only do what I see my Father do”.

Revelation is a fruit of redemption but the greatest challenge with believers is our proclivity to carnality. We tie every decision to our senses rather than our spirit. We make choices based on what we can feel and not on the leading on the Spirit.

It feels strange that God is interested in everything that we do. If your mind can be lighted by the revelation that hits your spirit, you will live life with such amazing accuracy. You are not a gambler. You are a son. Sons are led by the Spirit of the Lord.

By the Spirit of God, you can know where to invest and what to pull away from. By the Spirit of the Lord, you can walk into prepared places.

Let me show one scripture about the leading of God amazingly in the Old Testament: “…who goes before you looking for the best places to camp, guiding you with a pillar of fire by night and a pillar of cloud by day” (Deut. 1:33 NLT).

So God is seeking out the best places for me. All I need to do is follow His prompts and I will get there. But the condition is simple, you have an assignment to lighten up your spirit with the Word and Prayer. That is your own part. Most times, light comes but the noise in our lives shuts out the voice of the Lord. God’s voice will never compete with the noise in our lives.

May you enjoy divine revelations. May you come into visions. May light flood your path. You will be ushered into destiny. By the mercies of God, no shame, no loss and no regrets. Enjoy accuracy in your dealings. Amen.

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