It was one of those trips away from home. My wife told me that while I was away, in the midst of one of the fun of a children’s programme and presence of many people at that moment, Danielle ran to her and asked, “Where is My Daddy?”

Friend, your relationship with God must be a front-burner at all time. There must be no time when you get carried away that you do not seek Him.

Nothing or no one can replace God in your life. Whatever you give first place becomes your god. That is the reason why the first commandment to the Israelites was to always place God first and above everything else.

Jesus mentioned that the greatest commandment is to love God with the whole of your being. That is a major priority. We must have the panting of the Psalmist. We must constantly seek the Lord. We must seek him early and consistently.

Friends, daily devotion is essential. You must seek His face in prayers and study of the Word but there must be a time when you shut down everything and everyone else like Jacob and you seek God alone for a whole day or a whole night.

You must stop all you do to seek His face. Jesus spent the entire night in prayer before calling the apostles to Himself. Do not make hasty decisions. Stop all you do and seek His face. It will help you.

When you cannot see the hand of God in things you do, it is good to pause and seek Him. It could be a little attitude adjustment you need and it could be a downright change of direction.

In the midst of the job deadlines, career goals, business meetings, ministry demands, family responsibilities and all, would you just take a pause and check if God is there on the journey with you?

Do not carry the ark on a cart and assume you are still doing His will. It only takes one stumbling to unveil your whole folly. Stop and seek Him to know how the ark should be carried. The patience of seeking His face outweighs the consequences of impatience.

Like my daughter, would you pause and ask “Where is my Daddy?”

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