It was the close of day. We were on our way home. Right from the back of the car where she sat, Danielle just said “Plantain”. We realised that it was right at the spot where we would normally stop to buy plantain. She already knew our routine.

The desire of every child of God must be to know the way of the Lord and not just the acts of the Lord. That was the difference between Moses and the Israelites. Moses knew the ways of the Lord.

It takes walking with God to know the ways of the Lord. The problem most times is that we do not want to take the pain to walk with the Lord to know His will through His word and engage His will in prayer.

A simple example of the consequence of not knowing His way is trying to know His will by seeking men. You will end up taking names to a so-called prophet to know who to marry or what job to take or which contract to go for. It is a fallout of not knowing the way of the Lord.

Christians who do not know the ways of the Lord become a great challenge to any leader. Moses was troubled several times by the children of Israel- they grumble, cry and complain about everything. A lot of people are still like that today.

When you get into tough circumstances and you break down into self-pity, grumbling and blame-shifting, you simply have not been diligent in knowing the way of the Lord.

Every challenge you face is, therefore, an opportunity to know God for who He is. Mary and Martha knew Jesus as the healer but the death of Lazarus made them know Jesus as the resurrection and the life.

Do not run away from challenges. When challenges come, look into the Word to know what God has said about it and what God has done about it. Challenges deepen the conversation and the revelation. That is how to get to know His ways.

When you walk with God, you will take steps that seem stupid to many people. The first time the word “Worship” was used in the Bible was by Abraham. He was in a situation that he could not explain.

How do you tell your servants that you were going to sacrifice (kill) your only son that you waited years to get? Now that tells you that the way of God is this: If you are in any situation that is difficult to explain, simply respond with Worship! That is how we master the ways of the Lord.

We got to know later in the book of Hebrews that Abraham believed that God could raise Isaac back to life. How? Was there anyone who had ever been raised from the dead before then? We have no record of such? Where did Abraham get that reference? He had a walk with God. He knew the ways of the Lord.

Just like my daughter, every child of God must seek to know the ways of the Father. Walk with the Father and know His ways. It makes the Christian walk an amazing one.

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