LITTLE SHIFTS; GREAT MOVE (The Power of “Small” Contributions)

Just before the lockdown, there was a plan to train some of my people. It was a training for ministry. The aim was to raise a sense of spiritual awareness in life and equally understand their role in God’s eternal agenda.

I simply dropped voice notes on WhatsApp for about 18 of them. After the first class, a dear friend who attended sent me a gift. He used his skill to turn the voice notes into a whole trend and sent me a link to download.

Beloved, it was a simple gift but it changed everything. Today, we run an Online School of Ministry with students from all across Nigeria and other countries. It was just someone’s little contribution that turned a huge gift.

Beloved, why are you holding back your contribution because you think it is too small? Your gift is needed. The deposit of God in your life and in your hands can never be small.

When the boy left home, it was lunch for one that he carried but when the Lord needed it, it became lunch for thousands. Who knew that the seed for international ministry impact was hidden in a move as simple as joining voice notes to make a whole trend? That was the push that was needed.

A mighty truck is controlled by a small steering wheel. The rudder of a ship may look insignificantly small but it makes all the difference for the large vessel. Do not hold back your contribution because you think it is small.

The suggestion of a maid may look small but the healing of a General was locked within it. There is no small seed in God’s kingdom. A mustard tree becomes a huge tree.

Do not let the devil lie to you that your contribution is small.

When United States had the vision to get on the moon, a team walked into NASA headquarters and met a cleaner working passionately, they asked him what he was doing. His response is a classic- “We are trying to get on the moon”. Even the contribution of a cleaner was not insignificant.

Beloved, give that little you are holding back today. It may be the last button before a shift happens. It may be the last move before revival breaks.

If heaven depends on your little to make a shift, would you disappoint?

There is love in sharing

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