We were always confident of stepping out to do a thing or two in the compound without allowing my daughter to follow us out. As we shut the door on her, we would say to her, “Darling, just hold on for us. We are just stepping out for a bit”. She would cry and throw tantrums.

She would still try to open the door but she was disadvantaged height-wise. One day, we got the shock of our lives. We were still doing the same thing when the next thing we knew was that the door opened and there was my daughter right behind us smiling at us.

Beloved, there are doors that will not open until certain heights are attained. There are doors that you are struggling with that have not opened to you simply because you have not gotten to the height that such doors respond to.

So no matter how much you cry or throw tantrums or even pray, only growth will open the doors.

While you are bombarding heaven with prayers, heaven is responding with opportunities for you to grow. You can despise those chances to grow and mature without knowing those are the answers to your prayers.

Hold on! We underrated my daughter’s height not knowing that every day we shut the door on her, she kept growing taller.

The Philistines underrated Samson not knowing that his hair was growing again and his supernatural strength was being restored. Goliath underrated David not knowing that the sling and stone would get him on his back without a second trial.

Hear me- The Lord of Restoration will visit you this week. Your mountains will underrate you. Your giants of opposition will take you for granted but you will come out victorious.

Today, look out for those opportunities to grow. That is God whispering to you that the open doors you seek are closer than you think. Get that opportunity. Maximize it. Keep growing. The door is not the challenge; your height is!

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