It was a Sunday morning. Irewamiri had taken care of Danielle. Right after Danielle got dressed, she asked for food. Irewamiri excused herself to take care of Danielle but with a note, “Darling, please, would you help with Olive?”

I told her with all joy but there was a challenge: Olive was still sleeping. I knew waking her up would be some work. So the conversation started as I attempted to wake her up:

Dad: Olive Mama, wake up. It’s time to take your birth
Olive: Daddy, I want to sleep.
Dad: Olive, we are going to church this morning. Do you want to go?

With amazing strength, Olive said Yes.

I needed no other sermon.

Friend, how much do you love the Lord? How excited are you when the church is mentioned? Are you like the Psalmist?

“I was glad when they said to me, “Let us go to the house of the Lord.”
Psalms 122:1 NLT

One of the signs that you are growing in your walk with God is that your relationship with God excites you.

Your communication with God is top-notch. You want to hear from the Lord so you study His Word to you and you are eager to hear the Preaching of God’s Word also.

You equally want God to hear from you so you do not joke with prayer. You want to spend time worshipping. You want to thank Him for his goodness.

Your relationship with others who love God is also amazing. You want to enjoy fellowship with the brethren. You do not find an excuse to run away from the church. Your finest moments are always in fellowshipping with God and others.

You are also excited to share with others about your love for God. Who falls in love and keeps it to themselves? It shows all over. It is seen in the radiance of the face. It is seen in the sweetness of the voice. It is seen in the leaps in your steps.

You cannot be in love with God and hide it. You cannot be in love with God and keep it. It will permeate every area of your life. It will take away sleep at the hour of prayer. It will shut down movies so you can study. It can take away a football match so you can be in fellowship.

Do you indeed love God?

There is love in sharing

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