We had a challenge with mosquitoes in our home. We get to spray insecticides in the room before we sleep. But we discovered that after a while, at least one or two mosquitoes would find their way into the room.

One day, we decided to spray insecticide in all other areas of the house while we were in the room. And when the smell had gone, we stayed in the living room while we sprayed the room. When the entire house got sprayed, we realised that mosquitoes had no hiding spot. We rested and slept better. We got the answer- spray everywhere.

Friends, any space that the devil occupies around you is the space you have permitted him to stay. The devil cannot operate in your space with your permission.

How do most people grant permission to the devil?

Ignorance. An ignorant mind is a fertile ground for devilish weeds. You are a farmer. Your mind is fertile ground. If you are not deliberate with planting the word there through study and meditation, something will still grow therein.

Carelessness. Careless thoughts and careless words are like scoring own goals in a football match. It will count but it will count against you and for your enemy. Many have been trapped by careless thinking, careless speaking and careless living.

Lack of Discernment. The devil would have joined the Apostolic Campaign of Paul and Silas in the city of Phillipi through the disguise of “prophetic” giftedness. Paul was discerning enough to deny him any working room.

When he wanted to operate around Jesus, he sought permission.

“Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to sift each of you like wheat. But I have pleaded in prayer for you, Simon, that your faith should not fail. So when you have repented and turned to me again, strengthen your brothers.”
Luke 22:31‭-‬32 NLT

Jesus showed us something powerful here:

First, The devil is always seeking permission.That is what Peter was showing us later in his Apostolic ministry that the devil goes about roaring like a lion seeking whom to devour. He has no one to devour. He goes about seeking who will open the door.

Second, Jesus showed us that we can shut the devil out by prayer and intercession. A prayerful life keeps the devil out. A praying man will be held back from sinning. A sinning man will be held back from praying.

Deny the devil working space around you. Fleet everywhere.

If the devil finds a tiny space, he turns it around to a working space. Do not allow him.

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