We came back late from church that Sunday

afternoon. Just before you could blink an eye and go through the Sunday afternoon routine of cooking, cleaning, and at least resting, Daddy was already at our door telling us it was time for the regular Sunday evening evangelism. 

My brother would give none of it. I was too young to be rebellious. My brother said, “I am not going this evening. Do we have to go to church all the time?” Daddy turned around without saying a word. I followed him gently. But my brother stayed home that evening. 

I cannot remember Dad scolding him afterward. It all died a natural death. Today, we are both ministers of the gospel. My brother spends his life now for the sake of the gospel. In my estimation, he spends more time today doing ministry than he was complaining about then. 

Beloved parents, you do not have to start shouting and screaming about an issue with your seed. Let that shouting and screaming be in the spirit. Settle matters on the knees before you take it up in a conversation. 

I know a mother whose son was getting entangled in the wrong friendships. She did not say a word. She was warm towards him and his friends but hotter in the place of intercession. It all died a sudden natural death in a matter of months. The son lost interest in those friends. It was not a shouting match. 

Begin by being an example. Model that future you want your child to have. Be the first example of what you desire. Children easily copy what they see. 

Make sure you are their first teacher. Do not delegate or transfer parenting to the school, Sunday school teacher, or worse still social media, cartoons, or any other such representative. Watch it. 

Raise them with scriptures. This is key. You train up a child in the way that he should go. When he is old, he will not depart from it. It is easier to train when they are still children. Do not wait and start struggling when they are already formed. If you do not train as a child, you will lose them as teenagers. 

If you have not raised them with scriptures, it will be manipulative of you to then start using scriptures as a tool of correction. It will not work at that time. If you did not show them the place of honouring spiritual leaders, do not try to say things like, “Is this what you were taught in church?” Be the example first. 

Do you know that you should be the first person to share the gospel with your children? Yes! Tell them about Jesus Christ. Teach them about the Holy Spirit. This is very key. May the Lord help us raise mighty seeds. Amen. 

temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa

There is love in sharing

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